Individual property value

The individual property value depends on how much of the property listed in the policy of insurance.  Most homeowners typically insure 50% of their home’s value to cover personal property.

In some cases homeowners pay more to get 75% of the home’s value. Replacement costs spread on the similar items, which can be different in make and model.

You can also make a detailed list of the actual cash value that will cover items’ real cost minus wear and tear. Many make choice for percentage replacement coverage and then have to pay extra sum that will cover each listed items.

Remember that expensive or important items are usually listed with make, model, original cost, and documentation provided with the help of picture or video.

Jewelry and antiques listed should also have an expert examination and valuation. It is recommended to place the documentation of jewelry in a safe deposit box or a fireproof safe.

Actually the general 50% coverage, demands from you to register your most expensive items. If theft occurs the valuation of property will help in finding the items.